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Student Success Milestone (SSM) eDashboard

The SSM eDashboard is an online interface designed to monitor student progress and identify the most common drop-off points in the pipeline toward graduation. It is built on the Business Intelligence (BI) and Decision Support (DS) technologies, so campus communities gain access to the key indicators of student success in an easily accessible form. This project is a part of SJSUs Graduation Initiative to increase our graduation rates and close the achievement gap.

Note: The logical design of this tool was adapted from CSU Chico's Delivery Chain model.

In his book, Instruction to Deliver, Sir Michael Barber, notes there must be some kind of delivery chain if there is to be delivery. If it cannot be specified, nothing will happen, which was precisely the case in part of Whitehall before 2001. (p. 86) Further, Once the chain has been identified, those responsible for delivery can then think through how best to exert influence at each link and, when the plan is being put into practice, it is possible to check whether each link in the chain is effective. (p. 86)

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